Banking Self-Service Equipment Bill Allocation Management Solution

By integrating IoT, biometric identification and dynamic password technologies, Huijin Technology provides banking self-service equipment bill allocation management solution to effectively solve problems in self-service equipment bill allocation management, achieve full-course monitoring of bill allocation and maintenance of self-service equipment, so as to effectively control risks, improve operating efficiency, meet various requirements for management of off-bank, in-bank and external self-service equipment of banks, financial service institutions.

Simplify working process and staffing and improve working efficiency
The system technologically solves problems such as inflexible staffing and inefficient bill allocation resulted from double-person password/key management and parallel hand-over. 

Achieve electronic record and storage of bill allocation in place of manual paper record
eliminate complicated hand-over and keeping processes, improve working efficiency and ensure accurate traceability.

Enhance risk control capacity
Application of advanced technologies and security system based on password which is created dynamically and applied for only one time and access key which is created independently by customer prevents risk of password disclosure and technical cracking by external persons. Centralized authorization and monitoring in background transforms dispersed risk control into central risk control.