Investigate to the end Investigate to the end when discussing any problem. We need to dig up from the bottom and believe that only the most basic unit is able to generate power. Improvements from internal excellent quality to external movements would have a fundament effect.
Good management of an enterprise comes from rigorous work style. Only investigating any problem to the end can solve it fundamentally and further put forward effective countermeasures.
Aim at Absolute Perfection Aiming at absolute perfection pursues the supreme realm with excellence as the core essence. It embodies great truth, great love, great sincerity and great wisdom at the level of humanity and uplifts ego to the mental state of non-being ego. The management of an enterprise is like self-cultivation and education, both of which needs to achieve perfection unswervingly.
An enterprise is a team in which each member shall take respective responsibilities at work. Starting from the most original factors of business, we need to continually analyze, check and improve each point item by item in line with the workflow until absolute perfection is achieved. Check and eliminate various unreasonable systems by strengthening accountability management until absolute perfection is achieved. Get to the bottom of each link in enterprise management by hard-working and make every little thing reasonable until absolute perfection is achieved.