Banking Vault Management Solution

By integrating IoT, wireless communication and biometric identification technologies, the Baking Vault Management Solution will recognize and verify persons and articles in stock to achieve automated and intelligent material/person circulation and visible vault operating procedure, operator track and materials in stock. Streamline management of vault will be achieved actually to ensure accuracy of vault-related business, and achieve full-course recording of vault-related operations and traceability of vault operating procedure.

Efficient management
Fine vault management will be performed by use of RFID. Persons will be verified with biometric identification to ensure full, accurate and safe vault data record. Vault management rules and procedure will be integrated into the system, so as to improve operators' normal operations, store checking efficiency and minimize workload.   

Full-course record
Information on inbound, outbound and in-stock articles, allocation/distribution thereof and history data will be stored and reviewable for statistics of stocks.

Automatic inventory checking
Automated stock checking will be performed before movement to vault to improve working efficiency and reduce workload.